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24 June 2013

Kobe Bryant: "It was difficult for me because we (Italy) lost."

File:Kobe Bryant Washington.jpg
Kobe Bryant in February 2007.
Photo credit: Keith Allison 
Baltimore, Maryland.

Kobe Bryant never forgot his Italian childhood nor the language. He spent his formative years in Italy when his father, Joe "Jellybean" Bryant, played professional basketball there.

The Los Angeles Lakers' star also has a love affair with the world game. Kobe been a frequent spectator at the World Cup, club games, friendlies and other international football events.

In an exclusive interview with Alessandro Alciato of Sky Sport Italia from the Confederations Cup in Salvador, Brazil, where Kobe watched Brazil v. Italy on Saturday, we will see his affinity for the Azzurri. The Lakers' star held "court" and offered his own post-game analysis.

Let's see what Mr. Bryant had to say from Salvador.

Discussion Items
  1. On Italy's game v. Brazil.
  2. On his post-match visit to the dressing room.
  3. On which NBA player can be compared to him.
Kobe Bryant

1. "It was difficult for me because we (Italy) lost, but I was glad to be at the game. I liked it very much."

2. "We were speaking a little bit about the game. We were talking about the next game against Spain. What they will need to do to be ready at the start of the game. It will be very difficult; however, I think if you are prepared mentally at the beginning of the game... If they are really ready at the start and don't wait... 

Yesterday (Saturday), I think they waited a little too long and then Brazil scored. When Brazil scored, then we began to play. You can't wait at the start of the game. You have to start to play from the beginning and be ready."

Alessandro Alciato

Which NBA player can be compared to you?

Kobe Bryant

3. "I don't know... Let me think about that... Maybe Manu Ginoboli."

Please note:

A written script was not provided. My focus is soccer translation and not interpretation; however, if anyone points out mistakes, I will gladly correct them. There was no opening question by the interviewer and his only one was asked rather quickly.

Kobe Bryant with Ronaldinho

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