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06 March 2015

5 Questions with AFA and FIFA Referee, Salomé Di Iorio

Photo credit: Salomé Di Iorio.
Synopsis: AFA and FIFA match official, Salomé Di Iorio, discusses

Discussion Items:

1. On her other profession as a lawyer.
2. On the key traits of a professional referee.
3. On
4. On the theme of machismo/sexism.
5. On the upcoming 2015 Women's World Cup in Canada.

Career Highlights/Su Palmares de Arbitraje

Image credit: AFA.

  • Completed the AAA (Argentinean Referees Association) license course at the age of 18 in 1998.
  • Became a professional referee at the AFA in October 2001.
  • Began by  refereeing youth games.
  • Became the first woman to referee in the Reserva (Reserve League) of the Primera División in 2005.
  • Became an international referee in 2006.
  • Became the first woman as a fourth official in the Primera División.
  • Officiated the 2009 Women's Copa Libertadores final.
  • Was a match official at the 2011 Women's Pan American Games.
  • Was a match official at the 2012 London Olympic Games.
  • Was a match official at the 2013 Algarve Cup in Portugal.
  • Was a match official at the FIFA U-20 2014 World Cup in Canada.
Sources: AFA: Arbitra Internacional, Salomé Di Iorio and Soccerway: J. Di Iorio.

I am very pleased to welcome AFA (The Argentina Football Association) and FIFA referee, Jesica Salomé Di Iorio. The native of Quilmes, Argentina, has been a pioneer in the referee's profession. She was the first woman to call a game in the Primera Division's Reserve League and the first female to become a fourth official in the Primera itself, respectively.

Salomé has a rare skill set that enables her to take part in both men's and women's games in Argentina along with international matches for women. As you can see from her background, she has extensive experience on pitches around the world. Salomé will achieve another career highlight in a few months at FIFA's 2015 Women's World Cup in Canada.

¡Salomé, Bienvenida al Soccer Translator

1. On her other profession as a lawyer/Sobre su otra profesión como abogada:

Se ha convertida en una árbitra a la edad de 18 años y, posteriormente, una mujer pionera en Argentina. Como estudio sus antecedentes, me parece que usted ha sido una apasionada para el estudio del fútbol toda de su la vida. También tiene una vida fuera del terreno de juego como una abogada.

¿Qué tipo de la ley dedica usted y hay similitudes entre su trabajo como una abogada y su otra profesión como una árbitra internacional?

You became a referee at the age of 18 and subsequently a pioneer as a female match official in Argentina. From studying your background, it seems to me that you have been a passionate student of football your entire life. You also have a life outside of the pitch as a lawyer.

What type of law do you practice and are there similarities between your work as a lawyer and duties as an international referee?

2. On the key traits of a professional referee/Sobre las características claves de una árbitra profesional:

La AFA dijo en 26 diciembre 2014 que habían 5 árbitras y 461 árbitros profesionales en Argentina. Me gustaría plantear una pregunta doble: ¿Qué características son las más integrales para una árbitra profesional tener éxito en Argentina y qué distinta arbitrar un partido de una liga argentina de hombres frente a un partido internacional con mujeres?

The AFA said on 26 December 2014 that there were 15 female and 461 male professional referees in Argentina. I would like to pose a two-part question: Which characteristics are the most integral for a successful professional referee in Argentina and how different is officiating a domestic league men's game compared to an international one with women players?

3. On how she prepares physically, mentally and tactically for a game/Sobre como ella prepara de la forma física, mental y tácticamente para un partido:

conducir el partido

4. On the theme of machismo/sexism: Sobre la tema de machismo:

El año pasado, Alexandre Mattos de Cruzeiro, fue citado diciendo lo siguiente acerca de Fernanda Colombo Uliana, una árbitra de la Serie A Brasileña.

"Vaya planteandose en la revista de Playboy. No trabaje en el fútbol." 

Romario, el famoso ex futbolista, respondió: "Me parece que él (Mattos) todavía está viviendo en la época de un hombre primitivo. Es un pensamiento anticuado que no sea correcto."

Usted y Fernanda son pioneras tratando de romper "el techo de cristal" en arbitraje. Usted trabaja en una profesión dominada por los hombres (461 versus 15) en la Argentina. En su opinión, ¿le parece que las normas de evaluación son diferentes porque se trata de una mujer, ha encontrada alguna forma del machismo y cree usted que sea más difícil para una mujer tener éxito en un ambiente profesional de fútbol?

Last year, Cruzeiro director Alexandre Mattos, was quoted as saying the following about Fernanda Colombo Uliana:

"Go pose in Playboy. Don't work in football." 

Romario, the famous ex footballer, responded:

"It seems that he (Mattos) is still living in the caveman era. It is a backwards thought that is not proper."

You and Fernanda are women pioneers trying to break a glass ceiling in refereeing. You work in a mostly male dominated profession (461 versus 15) in Argentina. In your opinion, do you feel that the evaluation standard is different because you are a woman, have you encountered any form of sexism and is the bar set higher for women in a professional football environment?

5. On the upcoming 2015 World Cup/Sobre el Mundial Feminina en Canada:

At a recent FIFA referees' meeting in Portugal.

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