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José Mourinho began his football management career as an interpreter/translator for Sir Bobby Robson in Portugal (Sporting Clube and Porto) and Spain (FC Barcelona), respectively.

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22 April 2014

Translations of Diego "Cholo" Simeone

Diego Simeone - 01.jpg
Diego Pablo Simeone
 in September 2013.
Photo credit: Carlos Delgado.

I discovered an excellent, and very long interview with the rising Atletico Madrid coaching talent, Diego "Cholo" Simeone, thanks to Andres Cantor(@andrescantorgol), recently.

This interview took place in the March edition at Jot Down Cultural Magazine in Spain and was expertly conducted by Gemma Herrero (@gemmaherrero). The discussion was entitled, Diego Pablo Simeone:«O me sigues, o no me sigues; el liderazgo no se puede explicar»"Whether you follow or don't follow me: You can't explain leadership."

This interview, which contained over 40 questions and answers, provides a look at Simeone that has rarely been seen in such detail. I will provide selected excerpts in a series of translations from a fascinating discussion between the Argentinean manager and Spanish journalist, respectively.

  1. On wanting to be a footballer from his youth.
  2. On his first point of reference, the 1978 Argentinean national team, his early observation skills, and leadership.
  3. On who had the most influence on him.
  4. On his three footballing-playing sons and if he could coach them objectively.
  5. On his initial impressions of Diego Maradona.
  1. On the quick 40 minute decision to accept his first European offer at Pisa.
  2. On the unique Italian changing room environments.
  3. On which coaches had the most influence on him.
  4. On if it was love at first sight at Atletico Madrid as a player and the city of Madrid itself.
  5. On the latent coach always being inside of him as a player and his view of leadership.
  1. On his arrival as a manager at Atletico Madrid.
  2. On convincing the Atleti players and his communication style.
  3. On Arda Turan and his relationship with other Atleti players.
  4. On if any of his players hate him.
  5. On what playing well means to him.
  6. On the FC Barcelona of Josep Guardiola and if Atleti could play that way.
  1. On the idea of beautiful and ugly football.
  2. On whether FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are the preferred champions.
  3. On his relationship with the media.
  4. On Carlo Ancelotti saying that Atletico Madrid came close to a violent style of play.
  5. On how much time he spends a day with Atletico Madrid. 
  6. On his interest in and controversial use of astrology.
  1. On his two perfect players regardless of zodiacal sign: Franco Baresi and Sergio Busquets.
  2. On who is his perfect striker.
  3. On his contract that expires in 2017.
  4. On the famous question "Why are we Atletico fans?"
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Steve Amoia is a freelance writer and translator from Washington, D.C. He is the publisher of World Football Commentaries since 2006 and The Soccer Translator since 2008. You can follow Steve @worldfootballcm on Twitter.

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